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Rafael Navarro



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Un poco sobre mi

Soy un ingeniero geofísico venezolano graduado de la Universidad Simón Bolívar con 13 años de experiencia en la industria petrolera. Actualmente trabajo para Shell.

Mi experiencia profesional incluye trabajo en varios continentes, lo cual me ha permitido adquirir una comprensión profunda de distintas culturas y puntos de vista. También he demostrado una pasión por promover cambios positivos en Venezuela a través de mi participación en actividades sin fines de lucro y mi presencia en redes sociales.

Soy un idealista con un historial exitoso en campañas que buscan crear impacto y mejorar algo en particular que afecta a nuestra sociedad. Por ejemplo, en el año 2017, contribuí a abordar el problema de la contaminación del aire en Nigeria mediante el uso de aplicaciones y sensores que permitieron a más de 50,000 personas recibir una lectura más precisa de la situación. Esto generó entrevistas en radios locales y periódicos internacionales, lo que llevó a un gran interés y resultados en el tema.

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Work Experience

Jun 2020 - Actual

Jul 2014 - Oct 2018

Apr 2012 - Jul 2014

Shell US Hosting Company

Shell Nigeria (SPDC)

Shell Qatar (QSSC)

Oct 2018 - Jun 2020

Shell International

Feb 2008 - Feb 2010

Mar 2010 - Feb 2011

Jun 2011 - Dec 2011

Halliburton / Pemex

Gesca / Alange

SBV (Seismic Acquisition)

Software development and Product Owner for:
  Upxstation:  map-based and central platform app built under react framework. This app allows Exploration Leadership to make more accurate decisions across the globe. 
  Global QC Dashboard is a BI tool that extracts analytics & insight from our portfolio database (BPA2). This tool allows the user to QC properties that can range from Reservoir, Fluid or Volumetrics. The user is also able to drill-down into data to get further insights on the fly.
  Digital Learning path for Visualization & Analytics tools for UPX and UPD.

My main role focused on the rejuvenation of Nigeria Shallow Water Portfolio, acting as the technical lead of the project, which consisted on two phases; (1) the generation of regional play maps and (2) updating the portfolio with volumes & risk. In total, 10 people were part of the multidisciplinary team.

Prospect owner for two (2) exploration HP wells (Gbaran 26 & 27), which targeted high pressure geological settings (pp>0.94) with a final TD > 16000 ftss. I acted as a focal point in exploration, generating daily updates of the geological model, also providing support for daily morning broadcasts and VSP acquisition, including novel technique Look-Ahead VSP which was used to estimate the pressure ahead the bit. 
I was also responsible of updating the subsurface model and the outcome + AAR of the wells to the leadership team, my subsurface evaluation included velocity models, resources-volumetrics, QI, up-dip prospectivity and the official hand over to development (E2D).
In 2016 I moved from the Land Team to the Shallow Offshore Team, during this period I contributed to the bottom-line goal of the company by adding CR without incurring any extra EXPEX. In 2017 a total of 22.8 MMboe UR Oil equivalent as per R1 was handed over to Development thanks to the use of new technologies and workflows (CTD, AVD, Syn2D Modeling). At the end of the year, this project contributed with 15% of the total Nigeria CR promise for 2017. 
In 2017 I took over the HD-JK project and my main role was looking for potential drilling opportunities that could influence FIDs, making projects more attractive and cheaper for the organization by adding resources without incurring big extra cost.

I led the processing of the seismic data acquired in Qatar (2012 -2013) and liaised virtually with the processing team in P&T Holland to minimize work repetition and to maximize geology vs. geophysical input in processing.
Responsible for well ties, synthetic generation and TD functions for Qatar and responsible of VSP preparation and operations of our exploration well QSD-1. I provided real time operational support of VSP operations as service provision on behalf of Qatar Shell to Qatar Petroleum on North Field appraisal wells.
I contributed to the delivery of the novel technology trial tested in Qatar in 2012 based on a battery-less fiber optic seismic system (4000 channels) being developed by Shell and PGS. I contributed to the processing of the data and showcased the technology to the Minister of Energy in an open house event organised by QSRTC. 

Seismic quality control and development of re-processing proposal. Development of calibrated, velocity models with offset well data for Pore Pressure Prediction.  
Trion-1 well spudded Q3 of 2012 in ultra-depth waters (2364 m) with a TD of 7500m in GOM (cinturon perdido). 
Supremus-1 well spudded Q4 of 2012 in ultra-depth waters (2142 m) with a TD of 4000 m in GOM (cinturon perdido).

Structural and stratigraphic interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data (attributes, faults, horizons, time–depth conversion, structural model) in the thrust area of the Llanos Foothills and Southern Catatumbo-Lake Maracaibo basin of Colombia. 
Prospect generation through structural mapping and seismic attribute interpretation and analysis. 
Velocity and time depth conversions, integrating geologic data to deliver depth contoured structure maps. Tie of well and seismic data by using synthetics and VSP.
Design of new seismic acquisition surveys in Catatumbo Basin 3D - 60 km2 (Mesa software). 
The aim was to development two (2) well proposals for production. To this end, I identified new oil and gas prospects, proposed new location for prospective drilling and provided input for detailed well planning within eight (8) months. These wells were drilled based on my integrated prospect evaluation work resulting in new finds and improved production

I worked as a geophysicist in two seismic acquisition projects using dynamite sources in Venezuela;
   Project Mantecal 07 2D 3C (onshore), operated by PDVSA SERVICIOS. 
   Project Boyaca 07 2D 3C (onshore), operated by PDVSA SERVICIOS.
My role consisted of planning and execution of the 2D seismic data acquisition, with an emphasis on quality control of data recording and initial field pre-processing. I also provided support as a field engineer in offset generation, drilling and QC for geophone’s ground coupling.  
In addition, I was responsible for quality control of simultaneous potential methods such as audio magnetic telluric, refraction, gravimetry, magnetometry and up-hole shots to model weathering layer thickness and velocity.

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